A Look at Sonic Mania for Nintendo Switch – R

The first thing I want to say about Sonic Mania is that this is what a Sonic game is supposed to be (for better or worse). The feeling of nostalgia overwhelmed me upon hearing that Sega decided to give the old hedgehog a try in the 2D world after many failed attempts in the realm of 3D. As an owner of the Sega Genesis, I made sure that I had every Sonic game that appeared on the console, and as a kid, I couldn’t go a day without yelling “SEGA” for some reason. But I digress, first and foremost, this game truly feels like what a Sonic game should be. A game made by fans, for the fans. Christian Whitehead, who is known for his ports of previous Sonic titles, has painstakingly added everything that made the 2D Sonic games great. Continue reading “A Look at Sonic Mania for Nintendo Switch – R”


Golf Story: Quick Thoughts – A

I’m the type that doesn’t want to hear a word more than I have to when an interesting new game starts getting mentioned. Sure, I might watch a trailer or two, and I can’t help but see the stray tweet here and there, but once I decide I am all for trying out the new game, I do my best to avoid anything that might spoil the feeling of discovering it myself for the first time. (If you’re the same way, off with you. Go play this marvelous, weird creation yourself and come back once you’ve finished.) Continue reading “Golf Story: Quick Thoughts – A”